Lagos Contemporary

This in my opinion is the most famous illustration of lagos and i thought it was perfect for our opening image and header. It just says so much about the city- contemporary, fast-paced, beautiful, a huster’s utopia.

Some people may look at this photograph and think “chaos” but I look at it and appreciate the beauty of the city. This illustration represents a lively, multi-faceted and tireless people also known as Lagosians.

P.S: I thought the photo will be incomplete without a random POPO lingering around somewhere. Can u spot the popo?? *rolling eyes*

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I found this quite interesting. Its an unorthodox reflection of a commonplace issue which we have probably all contemplated at some point. Enjoy the read by P. Deux (some may know him better as Patitos)as he is known on his blog

Times change… People change... We change… What happens when your old friends are no longer the type of people you care to associate with?

Now I’m not saying that your former friends have pulled a heel turn, started smoking crack and kidnapping people for ransom. No, it’s the little things; the lifestyle choices they’ve made that don’t mesh with yours: The crowds they choose to hang with. Their manner of speech. The way they text (I mean, if u hd a frnd txtin u lyk dis mst of d tym, I dnt thnk ud wnt dem 2 b txtn u oftn). It’s not their fault. They just chose to live life a little differently. But diversity brings discrimination, whether we want to admit it or not. They’re different from you and you’re different from them. In fact, they may find you just as incompatible/unappealing as you find them. Some of them probably can’t wait to be rid of you. Now it’s not a question of who can’t stand who, and who the bad guy here is. The fact remains that from your perspective, you guys just don’t mix anymore. And, from a purely economical point of view, it makes no sense for you to keep associating with these fellows.

It takes away your time, and it takes away your energy; the effort you expend in an attempt to be social is no mean feat. You send the occasional “what’s good?” message of facebook, and if you ever see them at a social ensemble, you try to hold a conversation with them for more than a minute. But they don’t say anything of worth, at least not to you anyway. To someone else, their words may be glistening, golden baubles of immeasurable wisdom and rapturous enlightenment. To you, however, its crap; Pure, unadulterated cow dung. And it isn’t even the good kind of shit. If you spread that dung on a field you wouldn’t grow nuthin. Seeing them for more than just a minute is just, for lack of a better phrase, a waste of life.

So, what do we do with these “friends”. Some folk say “just ditch em.” A crude but effective solution. Just bail out of the friendship wagon. Downgrade dem fools from ‘friend’ to ‘associate’. Pretty much ignore their existences, perhaps exchanging a few pleasantries when you walk past each other. Just perhaps. Its not much different from what you already do. Heck, you hardly see them as it is, right?

Now I’m not saying you become their enemies (whenever I say that word, the Nigerian intonation of it always comes to mind. Naija folks know what I mean. There’s enemies, and then there’s ENEMIES. But I digress). Your social interactions with these people, or what semblance of them you have, remain almost completely the same. The only thing that changes is your mentality. These people no longer hold a significant portion of your mind-space. A trifling thing, you might think, but mind-space is nigh invaluable. It’s the base for conformity, groupthink and coalescence. It’s how movements get started; how revolutions begin: by allowing someone to take a share of your mind. It’s all about Cathexis; the investment of emotions into an object. When you attribute significance to something or someone, you feel more strongly towards them, and both positive and negative emotions projected towards the object are heightened.

If you attribute “friendship” to a party, you are more likely to agree with them, empathize with them and see things from their point of view. So if you look at things from the perspective of a guy who spits nothing but bullshit, what do you think you’re gonna see? That’s right; bullshit. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for having bullshit on my mental windscreen. It obstructs my view; and when cruising down the road of life, I prefer to be able to see my goals. If I have to step out of my cognitive conveyor to clean bullshit off the glass every two seconds, my goals will be a long time coming. It’s probably best to have those shit-spinners take a flying leap. Good riddance to bad rubbish and all that stuff.

But, on the flip side, closing off your mind to these people also means you forego seeing a lot of things, though it’s probably going to be mostly (yes, you guessed it) bullshit. There’s a saying that goes “even in a pile of pebbles, one can find a pearl.” It might only be a minute chance, but as long as that chance isn’t zero percent, you just may be able to pick out something valuable from the lives of these people. Maybe all that cow dung isn’t impotent after all. Besides, you never know when you’ll need them for one thing or another, so while it’s tempting to burn bridges, you may want to keep these guys around. Just in case. The downside is that you never know if you’ll ever actually need these people, or if you’ll ever find that valuable pearl. You may just end up having dung flung in your face for the rest of your life.

At the end of the day, I remain at a quandary when it comes to these folks. As I said before, I’m not perfect, and these feelings of social disconnect may be mutual. Perhaps some people may have been trying to get rid of me for the past couple of years but my insistence on social interaction must have been dampening their efforts. If that’s so, then I apologize to those people from the bottom of my heart, for I have been a bullshit slinger; a relentless cow dung flinger. But for those who have been throwing the crap in my face, I could go down the Usher route and let it burn, or I could go with Journey and don’t stop believing. Neither solution has proven itself absolute; after all, each case is unique, and no two friends are alike. So I guess it’s impossible to generalize, and till I examine each case individually, I’ll do a Johnny Cash, and walk the line.

The Other Side at Terra

Western Europe and North America have crumbling economies, despotic leaders and unstable governments. Africa has always been the land of plenty, a stable prosperous continent, and Lagos, its most attractive city. Darren Campbell, a white male born and raised in the United Kingdom seeks his fortune in Lagos as an illegal immigrant.

The theatre at Terra play for may is... "The other side" so for those of us that missed out on "Prison Chronicles" last month, this is another chance to catch another of Wole Oguntokun's plays.

Venue - Terra Kulture
Every Sunday in May
3pm & 6pm

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jewel by Lisa Autumn/Winter Collection 2010/2011

The Autumn winter collection 2010/11 from Jewel by Lisa is out and as usual is quite impressive. The collection consist of tribal fabric and tailored pants, wearable couture and vibrant, chic dresses. I have posted pictures of some outfits from the collection. For more, visit

Oh and might I mention the model is Annette Begg, winner of the Elite Model Look Nigeria Competition!

Keziah Jones @ Jazzhole

I have just really discovered Keziah Jones A.K.A. Olufemi Sanyaolu. I had previously heard "Rhythm of Love" by him but didnt realise firstly, that he's Nigerian and infact a LAGOSIAN by birth and secondly, that he is as consistent as it appears he is. If you havent heard of Keziah Jones readers, pls youtube him or check him out on He's really worth a listen.

His music is a fusion of what you've never imagined. There are hints of blues, funk (which he calls blufunk), jazz, rock, soul and afrobeat all encompassed in one. Its really Epic- Think Fela Kuti meets Jimi Hendrix (and yea he's also a guitarist). In short Jazzhole is going to be the place to be on friday (I can already imagine the vibe! Ohh i loove Lagos!)

Anyhooos I particularly love the songs "KPAFUCA" from his Black Orpheus album and "My kinda girl" from his most recent album "Nigerian Wood" so I've posted them below for those of you interested in discovering joy! :-)

Deets on the show are on the image above. Tickets are on sale at jazzhole. Enjoy!

N.B: If you are reading this on your mobile, remember to log on when next you are on a computer to watch the videos. What do you think of Keziah?

Friday, April 23, 2010

First of a piece a week

SOOO I've decided to make a piece a week...

But this week I've got 2 pieces. A pair of androgynous pants and the cutest shorts ever (notice the twee pink stiches on the belt holes)! Im going through a new scruffy phase and getting lots of ideas for stylish trampy clothes.

What do you think of these pieces?? Look out for next fridays piece... guaranteed accessory must have!

Obi Nwaegbe @ Omenka art gallery

Moments of recreation

It lies between the eyes

Portrait of a woman's pride

I have been so engrossed in Lagos and its culture that I almost forgot about the multi-ethnicity of Nigeria as a nation. Obi Nwaegbe has successfully brought me back to consciousness.

His show, "Tainted Visions"(which I posted as an event 10 days ago) is based on the nomadic tradition of Northern Nigeria, which he depicts in acrylic of canvass and conte and charcoal on paper. This well encapsulated collection of works has been showing at the Omenka Gallery in Ikoyi for a week and ended today.

His works depict the life and culture of the nomads and his illustration of the women really struck me. I went to school in the North of Nigeria and came across the nomads quite often but for the first time it occured to me that although they live at a subsistence level, they are always well adorned and beautified. Notice their bracelets, beads, large earrings, henna and tattoos- to the onlooker, they contradict their rustic lifestyle but yet this is their culture and it is art in itself.

Obi Nwaegba did a splendid job bringing his subjects to life. I particularly loved the drawing "It lies between the eyes", and the paintings, "Portrait of a woman's pride" and "moments of recreation". There was also a drawing "Young Boy Nomad" which I found to be really powerful (even just looking at it in the catalogue) but I never got to see it on canvass. I suppose someone else also found it irresistable (CHA-CHING!! $$$)

P.S: Im sorry I've brought you these pics with my phones 3.2 MP auto focus...


Hi readers, I just realised it was a bit rude of me to just continue posting stuff like nothing ever happened. Im soo sorry i've been absent for the past couple of days. U will have to pardon me- law school is getting the best of me. Promise not to let this happen again (might be absent for a day or 2 but never 5! :-))

CamCam Sweeties

I've just discovered "your old school Tuck Shop in Lagos"!!!

CamCam sweeties specialises in retro sweets and stocks ANY (I repeat ANY!) sweets you could possibly dream off. Well they are the biggest suppliers of sweets in Lagos. They have all the old school stuff- Flying saucers, drumsticks, refreshers, wham bars and the rest of the fruity sweeties you find in the cool vintage stores in England (I LOOOVE!). They also have all your classics- gobstoppers, giant strawberries, mini lovehearts, toffee bonbons, strawberry laces... ANYTHING!

They do party packs, pick and mix specials, hampers and gift boxes ranging from N500 to N25,000 (OOOPHHH!!!). Definitely a place to try when u get those sugar cravings or for a great retro candy party!

These are the deets: Call CamCam on 0802 292 4121 or 0803 960 0472
Email CamCam on
PIN CamCam on 210AC931


Wow this is suchh suchh sad news!! I heard about his accident on wednesday last week but I didnt put it up because FSL doesn't celebrate bad news but now THIS is a real loss.

For those who didn't know, Olayitan Olanipekun Oladapo A.K.A. Da grin of C.E.O was in a car accident early hours of Wednesday 14th April 2010. It is believed that he was intoxicated when he drove into a parked trailer. He has been in hospital since then and died at about 8pm yesterday.

This is a major loss to the Nigerian music industry and I must say we will miss him the most in Lagos. His music embodied culture and modernism and he was true to his roots in expressing himself.

We pray for close family and friends who must bear his loss at such a young age (Aged 23yrs) and may his soul rests in peace as his music remains with us.

P.S: I just listened to "kondo" again! Its sooo good! Deepest Condolences from FSL :-((

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nneka @ De Marquee

Yayyy!! Nneka is at De Marquee again!

This is for all you lovers of well-expressed soul music. Actually NNEKA is not just a soul musician. Her music is a mixture of everything- hip hop, AFROBEAT, reggae and soul. Its what we referred to as "indie" (independent) music. Her music is DEEP. She sings about love, Africa, poverty, globalisation, and the plight of the Niger-Delta region in Nigeria.

She will be performing at De Marquee with her live band on Sunday, 18th April 2010 at 6.30pm. Gate fee- N3000. De Marquee is the Penthouse bar at Mega Plaza, 4th floor, Idowu Martins. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chris Ofili in Tate Britain






Ok this has nothing to do with Lagos but I thought I'd just mention it because its a big achievement for our artistic nation. Chris Ofili, who is of Nigerian decent currently has his paintings (over 45) on show at Tate Britain. So for those of you who have the opportunity, please pay a visit and appreciate his artwork. Its only about 10 pounds.

His paintings are intensely coloured and intricately ornamented. The kind that absorb you and get your mind running. These are some comments from major newspapers:

'Hip, cool and wildly inventive' - The Guardian

'You can’t fail to be entertained' - The Times

'Modern Master of radiant colour' - Daily Telegraph

I've scanned some photos of his paintings and posted them. Enjoy the detail (notice the little afro heads?? so cool)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tainted Visions Art Exhibition

The Ben Enwonwu Foundation is organising an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Obi Nwaegbe called "Tainted Visions".

It starts on Friday, April 16th 2010 and goes on to Friday, April 23rd 2010 at the Omenka Gallery- 24 Ikoyi Crescent, Ikoyi, Lagos. Time: 4pm.

Golden Jubilee Auction 2010






I must apologise for the minimal activity readers. My internet has been acting up and I havent been able to put up any posts that include images. I wanted to share some of my favourite paintings from this auction so I didnt want to put up just text. The following post is 2 days old but here you go nontheless:

Ok I've literally just arrived back in Lagos and this is why I loveeee this city! Its all already jumping at me!!! I can see it everywhere, I cant escape the art and creativity even if I tried... Good News!

The Golden Jubilee Auction 2010 is an art auction organised by and holding at TERRA KULTURE on APRIL, 24TH 2010 at 4PM. It is being organised to celebrate Nigeria's Independence anniversary so you might know it know it as the "Waiting for Independence auction". There are about 100 works of art on action including paintings, carvings and other antiquities.

There will be a wide range of works on auction from varied artists including Bruce Onobrakpeya, Jimoh Buraimoh, Tola Wewe, Kolade Oshinowo, Rom Isichei and many more. I have had a look at the catalogue and I guarantee you this will be eye candy!! The catalogue itself is so evocative, I cannot imagine what some of the paintings will look like in actuality.

I have scanned pictures of some of the paintings in the catalogue. What do you think? Will you be attending?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Music- OTA by twisted minds

New music by Twisted minds- David and Ben. I must say I am very impressed with this duo. Its a fresh sound and I cant wait for it to be big. Its one of those "bob your head" hip hop songs, the type that you really like even though you have no idea what its saying. The hook is so ORIGINAL. Its in the form of a yoruba chant meaning "God made a light and anyone who says they cant see it will stumble on a stone and trip". Very random but inspired and different. I rate this song 8 out of 10.

The video is also brilliant- engaging for a change (with a storyline). I must say I was a bit disappointed when I saw the party scene towards the end but was relieved to see it was not the cliché Nigerian video party scene.

Definitely give this a watch.

Twisted minds releases their album, "unified hustle" in December 2010 so look out.

Friday, April 9, 2010

BEZ the soon to be music wonder...

Or should I say BEZ, the music wonder??

Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula is a soul/jazz musician- think John Legend/Jason Mraz/Asa. (Wow!! Those are actually three of my favourite musicians...). Although some say he sounds just like Asa, I say Nigeria has not had anything like him before. He is blossoming really fast and already I hear him on THE BEAT about twice a day but when he hits Lagos with his first album (which he has been working on for while *raised eyebrows*), I am sure he will be the talk of the town. But until then take your time BEZ we are waiting patiently!

I am sure a number of us have heard "Zuciya Daya" by Bez so I have posted a less popular track "Stop Pretending". Enjoy.

P.S: Yes this is the same Bez from "Maga no need pay", microsoft's song for their anti-cybercrime initiative featuring Banky W, Omawumi, Cobhams, MI, Modele, Rooftop MCs and Wordsmith.

Ethnic going Glogal- MY ASHO

MY ASHO(derived from the Yoruba word “aso” meaning cloth and pronounced “ash-awe”) is an online fashion website that markets the endeavours of African designers. They sell clothes, bags, and accessories for women and children and even have a section for house and home.

The website has got fashionable items from African designers around the world including Ituen Basi, Toju Foyeh, Jewel by Lisa, Nike Akinola London, Christie Brown, Ghana etc. You can order from anywhere in the world including Nigeria (you can even shop online and pay offline at any GTB Bank!!).

Most of the products on are ethically handcrafted and produced in limited quantities, which means you can always be assured to find high-quality, inspired boutique style pieces at very affordable prices.

It looks like Asos Africa has got competition... hmmm

Check out pictures of some of the stuff I like (there's even a nice little rug and cushions from Ituen Basi!)


"Eden" is the third auction put together by FASHION AUCTION HOUSE and an awereness campaign for the Genesis House women's rehabilitation centre.

Genesis House women's rehabilitation centre is run by Freedom Foundation and is a shelter for victims of trafficking and sexual slavery. It rescues women and girls who are subjected to trafficking within Nigeria.

Naturally being an action, YOU determine the price and as usual it will feature numerous foxy, alluring handbags and shoes. You cant miss this bargain! Ladies how better can u spend your money than invest in a glamorous sturdy handbag and at the same time donate to charity all with one swipe of your card! At this point can i mention that Genesis House will be given 100% of the proceeds of ALL the handbags sold at the auction!!!! YESSS u heard right, 100%!

No on a more serious not women, trafficking is factual and evident in our society so we should do the little we can to help.

The fashion auction is on SUNDAY, 18TH OF APRIL 2010 at SAIPAN and will do no damage to your pocket if u find nothing that pleases you so why stay home??

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Im rather disappointed with the video directors in this city at the moment. I havent seen any videos that are impressive. Its as if for whatever song they get, the first and only idea they have for the video is a stupid low budget party scene (speaking of low-budget, is that a bottle of chamdoor posing as champagne i see at 1.25secs?? Or if not what cheap bottle of champagne is it?).

The video for "I like girls" by YQ above is a perfect example of what I'm on about.

Honestly. I'm out to appreciate creativity but I'm just not getting it from the film (lets not go there) and video production industries. Whats happening??? COME.ON.

Do u think I'm being too harsh? What are your views on this??


Ok I really loooove this song and cant seem to find/hear it anywhere but in rehab and on youtube. Its one of those ones that stick in your head the first time you hear it and then you find yourself singing it for the rest of the day.

If you havent heard it before listen to it till the end. It gets HEAVY towards the end when it goes up an octave. Also listen up for what sounds like traditional chinese music in the background. Hope to hear more from Lynxxx soon...

Hip Hop World Awards 2010 Nomination

And the nominees for the Hip Hop World Awards 2010 are...

Best album (solo or group) in year under review, that meets judges’ requirements of excellence (in every realms: songwriting, production, rendition and promotion) and acceptability (sales, popularity)

Artiste: DAGRIN
Producer(s): Sossick, Sars, T-Frizzle and Dokta Frabz
Record Label: Missofunyin Entertainment

Producer(s): Don Jazzy
Record Label: Mo’Hits Records

Artiste: DAREY
Producer(s): Tee-Y Mix and Cobhams
Record Label: Soul Muzik

Artiste: PSQUARE
Producer(s): Paul Okoye, Peter Okoye, J Martins, Effrenzy
Record Label: Square Records

Artiste: BRACKET
Producer(s): Dekumzy, J Martins, Phino
Record Label: Ape Planet

Most critically and commercially adjudged artiste in the year under review Overall most successful artiste for the year under review.

Album Title: Mushin 2 Mo’Hits
Record Label: Mo’Hits Records

Album Title: Ginjah Ur Swaggah - Season 1
Record Label: Bluemoon Entertainment, TGP Recordz

Real Name(s): DARE ART ALADE
Album Title: Un.Darey.Ted
Record Label: Soul Muzik

Album Title: Least Expected
Record Label: Ape Planet

Album Title: C.E.O
Record Label: Missofunyin Entertainment

Most popular song from an album in year under review. Decided by voting

Artiste: BRACKET
Album: Least Expected
Producer: Dekumzy
Record Label Ape Planet

Artiste: KEFEE
Album: A Piece Of Me
Producer: K Solo
Record Label Branama Afrique

Artiste: Wande Coal
Album: Mushin 2 Mo’Hits
Producer: Don Jazzy
Record Label: Mo’Hits Records

Artiste: Terry G
Album: Ginjah Ur Swaggah - Season 1
Producer: Terry G
Record Label: Bluemoon Entertainment, TGP Recordz

Artiste: Art Quake
Album: Art Work
Producer(s): Puffy T, Del B, Austin Beat, Cheefo & Soso Beats
Record Label: K.I.P Entertainment

Best single recording (on-air only or released) by artiste or group in year under review. Originality and production very essential

Artiste: Banky W
Producer: Cobhams Asuquo
Record Label: Empire Mates Entertainment

Artiste: P-Square
Producer(s): Paul Okoye
Record Label: Square Records

Album: TIMI (Unreleased)
Artiste: Timi Dakolo
Producer: Cobhams Asuquo
Record Label: (Unreleased)

Album: Lara George
Artiste: Lara George
Producer(s): Wole Oni
Record Label: Soforte Entertainment

The individual responsible for producing the most acclaimed songs/album in the year under review. His CV for the year includes top notch tracks and production credits no one can fault.

Album/Song Title: “More”, “Love Truly

Album/Song Title: “Strong Ting”, “No Stars”
Artiste(s): Banky W, Darey Art Alade

Album/Song Title: “Banana”, “U Bad”
Artiste(s): Wande Coal

Album/Song Title: “Everyday”, “Igboro”
Artiste(s: Dagrin

Album/Song Title: “Thank God”, “Ako Mi Ti Poju”
Artiste(s): Dagrin, Naeto C

Best conceptualized, best edited, best picture, best directed and most exciting video in year under review as voted by fans and decided by the jury.

Music Video Title: “DANGER”
Artiste - P Square

Music Video Title: “Kokoroko”
Artiste: Keffe

Music Video Title: “Finest”
Artiste: Knight House Ft. Sauce Kid & Teeto

Music Video Title: Ako Mi Ti Poju
Artiste: Naeto C

Music Video Title: “Safe”
Artiste: M.I

Best R&B single in year under review (by single individual or group)

Artiste(s): Banky W
Producer: Cobhams Asuquo

Artiste(s): Femi
Producer: Sure Fire Group USA.

Artiste(s): P-Square
Producer: Paul Okoye

Artiste(s): Darey Art Alade
Producer: Cobhams Asuquo

Artiste(s): Djinee
Producer: Jesse Jagz

Best pop single in year under review (by single individual or group)

Artiste(s): Bracket
Producer: Dekumzy

Artiste(s): Wande Coal
Producer: Don Jazzy

Artiste(s): Keffe
Producer: K Solo

Artiste(s): P-Square
Producer: Paul Okoye

Artiste(s): Dr. Pat and Sheyman
Producer: Sheyman

Best R&B or pop album in year under review (by single individual or group)

Artiste: Wande Coal
Producer(s): Don Jazzy
Record Label: Mo Hits Records

Artiste: P-Square
Producer(s): Paul Okoye, Peter Okoye, J Martins, Effrenzy
Record Label: Square Records

Artiste: Bracket
Producer(s): Dekumzy, J Martins, Phino
Record Label: Ape Planet

Artiste: Darey Art Alade
Producer(s): Tee Y-Mix, Cobhams
Record Label: Soul Muzik

Best single released on-air recording of a rap song

Artiste(s): Naeto C
Producer: Dokta Frabz

Artiste(s): Catiair
Producer: J Sleek

Artiste(s): Knight House ft. Sauce Kid & Teeto
Producer: Knight House

“SAMPLE Remix”
Artiste(s): Terry Tha Rapman Ft. Stereo Man & Pherowshuz
Producer: Pherowshuz

Artiste(s): M.I
Producer: M.I

Best album by a rap artiste or group in year under review

Artiste: Dagrin
Producer(s): Sossick, T-Frizzle, Dokta Frabz, Sarz
Record Label: Missofunyin Entertainment

Artiste: Ill Bliss
Producer(s): Micworx, Osh, Suspect, Terry G, Frenzy, Tee Y-Mix, Elajoe, Paul Play, XYZ
Wazbeat, M.I, Jonah the Monarch
Record Label: Gorretti Records

Artiste: Cartiair
Producer(s): J Sleek, Spanky, Sossick, WC, Mic-On, Kid Connect
Record Label: Magic Records

Artiste: Kel
Producer(s): Suspect, Jesse Jags, Tee Y-Mix
Record Label: Capital Hills

Rap Artiste with best lyrical depth and performance on a single song or album

Song Title: Somebody’s Wants To Die
Album Title: (Unreleased)
Record Label: Chocolate City

Song Title: Bad Man
Album Title: Da Vinci Mode (Not released in year under review)
Record Label: Red Eye Music

Song Title: Got To Love Me
Album Title: (Unreleased)
Record Label: X3M Music

Song Title: Sample Remix (Featured by Terry Tha Rapman)
Album Title: Boys Are Not Smiling (Unreleased)
Record Label: Megaphunk

Best R&B, Pop or hip hop collaborative track (including cameos) in year under review

Artistes: Kefee Ft. Timaya
Producer: K Solo

Artistes: Knight House Ft. Sauce Kid & Teeto
Producer: Knight House

Artistes: Ill Bliss Ft. Terry G
Producer: Terry G

“SAMPLE Remix”
Artistes: Terry Tha Rapman Ft. Stereo Man & Pherowshuz
Producer: Pherowshuz

Single male artiste with most outstanding vocal performance on a single song or album

Song Title: “NO STARS”
Producer: Cobhams

Song Title: “STRONG TING”
Producer: Cobhams

Song Title: “BANANA”
Producer: Don Jazzy

Song Title: “KINIMATISE”
Producer(s): Gospelondebeat

Producer: Cobhams

Single female act with most outstanding vocal performance on a single song or album

Song Title: “DON’T LEAVE ME”
Producer: Ross Oscar

Song Title: “KOKOROKO”
Producer: K Solo

Producer: Wole Oni

Song Title: “Kolo”
Producer: 37

Song Title: “NO CRY”
Producer: Wole Adesanya

The most popular street-hop single in year under review

Artiste(s): Terry G

Artiste(s): Klever J Ft. Eedris Abdul Kareem

Artiste(s) – Jaywon

Artiste(s): Art Quake

Artiste(s): Side One

Most promising upcoming officially unreleased act in the year under review

Song Title: “CHAMPION”

Song Title: “IF YOU WANT ME”

Song Title: “WETIN DEY”

Song Title: “OMOBA”

Song Title: “BANGER”

Best New artiste in the year under review

Album Title: Mushin 2 Mo’Hits
Record Label: Mo’Hits Record

Real Name(s): KELECHI OHIA
Album Title: The Investment
Record Label: Capital Records

Album Title: Djinee
Record Label: None

Real Name(s): Tobechukwu Ejiofor
Album Title: Dat Ibo Boy
Record Label: Gorretti

Real Name(s): Omawumi Megbele
Album Title: Super Woman
Record Label: OMA Records

Non competitive category

To be announced.

This is based on music released between December 2008 and November 2009

Farewell to "Ekaette"

Ok so this is a very serious topic. I've been laughing about it but its no jokes!!!

On the 1st of April 2010, the NATIONAL Broadcasting Commission (NBC) ban the song and video of "Ekaette" by Maye Hunta. Honestly. Do these people have nothing better to do?! If there is no work in their office, can they not disestablish their commission and stop wasting precious labour?! There are so many serious issues that public organisations in this country need to deal with and it seems the most pressing issue in their eyes is the indecency of Maye Hunta's attempt at conscious music in "Ekaette". Whats so risque about the song anyway??

Everytime an artist tries to express himself on the problems of our great nation, the NBC hushes them (same situation with the song "Wetin Dey", Remember?). Honestly. Have they never heard of conscious music?? Yes it was funny and all but it was also a serious topic. Pls if anyne knows anyone who knows anyone who works in NBC, can u let them know that FSL and the rest of Nigeria thinks they should "get busy and quit beating around the bush".

Anyhooooos! Just to take the piss. I've uploaded the video to frustrate their efforts and for the benefit of those who havent seen it. :-))

Lagos Carnival pics

I miss Lagos :-(( I've been out of town since Sunday and I'm really feeling nostalgic. Anyhoooos whilst i was out of town, the Lagos Carnival was on and I've managed to get the pictures for that so enjoy...

The Lagos Carnival is supposed to be a recreation of the age long tradition of Brazilan Lagos as pioneered by Brazilian returnees, Emancipados. I REALLY adore FASHOLA for his emphasis on the creative Lagos. The Governor said that through the festival, Lagos has exhibited its culture, its food, its creativity and its readiness to open Lagos as a tourist destination and we are with him on that.

Also important is the fact that all the costumes (over 93,000!!) were made by the students, graduates and costume designers at the Skills Aquisition Centre in Lagos. Dont we just looove this Government???

Did u attend the carnival or encounter it in anyway? What did u think?

Pictures for Vagina Monologues vs Tarzan Monologues

Finally landed pics from the monologues. We werent allowed to record so I didnt take any pics of my own.

Vagina Monologues vs Tarzan Monologues is a spin off of the popular "v-monologues: the Nigerian story" and was on at Terra Kulture on every sunday last month. It was a benefit performance put up by Kudirat Initiative for Democracy raising awareness on violence that women and girls suffer in Nigeria. It was directed by Wole Oguntokun, who also wrote the script for Tarzan monologues and the cast included Kate Henshaw and Kunle Adeyoola (of Rooftop MCs).

The show was well directed and the actors/actresses did a wonderful job. I particularly liked the tall lady with the smiley eyes who did the monologue on grooming her "private". The only flaw i found with the show was that it was a bit too long and a few irrelevant monologues in the middle could have been cut out. Apart from that "kudos" to all that were onboard!!

What the RooR???

So RooR has just launched their A/W collection and its kerr-azy!! I mean I've followed their progress but this is really different. Pure Art!

Its not exactly Ready to Wear but we at FSL encourage this type of creativity and ingenuity right??

RooR is based in England and stands for "Renaissance of our Roots". We await their return to Lagos! :-) Thumbs up Ekaete!

Check out the behind the scenes and catwalk photos of the RooR A/W 2010 collection shown at the Fashion Mavericks show during London Fashion Week. What do u think??

In one word, Cosmopolitan

Readers I have recently stumbled upon Jezreel designs! Forgive me if im old but this is rather new to me. Perhaps she hasnt publicised herself well enough...

The lady behind these fabulous designs is called Abiola Ogunleye and she also produces clothes and other accessories. What I find quite impressive about her accessories is that all fabrics and other components used are derived and manufactured by local producers and craftsmen.

I cant get over the sudden craze over ankara- Ituen Basi, Jewel by Lisa, and now even Asos Africa!! Regardless these are beautiful and deserve a *thumbs up*.

Jezreel designs unveiled its collection at the fusion fashion event in Abuja earlier this year and featured in the online version of THISDAY.