Lagos Contemporary

This in my opinion is the most famous illustration of lagos and i thought it was perfect for our opening image and header. It just says so much about the city- contemporary, fast-paced, beautiful, a huster’s utopia.

Some people may look at this photograph and think “chaos” but I look at it and appreciate the beauty of the city. This illustration represents a lively, multi-faceted and tireless people also known as Lagosians.

P.S: I thought the photo will be incomplete without a random POPO lingering around somewhere. Can u spot the popo?? *rolling eyes*

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Ooh La La, Lagos Je T'aime!

I have been out of town for almost a month missing this city deeply and wondering if I'd be able to blend into the madness when I get back, if the city will bring me the joy it always has. I guess this is where the wondering ends. A BAKE SALE! In short, these are the things I live for! If you live in Lagos, there is no reason to be caught elsewhere on sunday (unless ofcourse you are diabetic as this will be seriouss torture!)


presents "the discerning palate"

at Lifehouse -- 33 Sinari Darinijo Street, Off Younis Bashorun, Off Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Sunday, 19th September 2010; 12pm - 5pm

From Lagos' finest including

Cupyd's Patisserie,
CamCam sweeties,
Robert's Cakes
And a newbie SEYE BAKES

A cafe style dessert brunch on the green where N1000 gets you all-you-can-sample access to perfectly made cupcakes, muffins, chai tea, sorrell drinks and other carefully selected treats like all the sweeties you've grown to love and sometimes miss. It also allows you redeem a full-size item from a vendor of choice (limited to participating vendors and items).

Of course there is healthy stuff for you health nuts. Come and be delightfully placated!

Free entry if you come before 1 pm