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This in my opinion is the most famous illustration of lagos and i thought it was perfect for our opening image and header. It just says so much about the city- contemporary, fast-paced, beautiful, a huster’s utopia.

Some people may look at this photograph and think “chaos” but I look at it and appreciate the beauty of the city. This illustration represents a lively, multi-faceted and tireless people also known as Lagosians.

P.S: I thought the photo will be incomplete without a random POPO lingering around somewhere. Can u spot the popo?? *rolling eyes*

Sunday, January 16, 2011

FELA! (on broadway?) IN LAGOS...

So apparently the show, FELA! ON BROADWAY (except its not really on broadway) is coming to Lagos finally. After much protests, the producers have finally succumbed and agreed to bring the show to Fela's homeland. Infact the show is supposedly being staged right at home in The New African Shrine on the 19th of March and then at Eko Hotel from the 23rd to the 29th of March.

Readers this is such good news to me, I could not help but share... I dont know how many of you are dedicated Fela fans but Im sure you will appreciate that this is AMAHHZING! The show has been staged in America and London and Lagos is the third destination on the path of this successful smash hit.

It is not clear whether the cast will be Nigerian or if it will run with its usual cast...

May I confess at this juncture that despite my excitement and the track record of success which the show has enjoyed up until now, I can not help but express my doubts in the Nigerian public's reception of this exotic reiteration. It may be a lose-lose situation: Use a Nigerian cast and its a case of "too close for comfort, no one cane ever be like FELA" or Use a foreign cast and its a case of "the west has destroyed our traditions... they can never be as good as Fela". Either way NO ONE CAN EVER BE AS GOOD AS FELA sooo....

I personally think they should stick to a foreign cast. For once I want to sit back and watch the west try to be like us... Fela has afforded Nigeria that luxury.

What do you think. Will you be attending?


  1. I read on Fela was going to be in Nigeria but I didn't know there were confirmed dates! Is there any publicity around tix?!

  2. If i was in Lagos i would definitely attend :( I'm not really a Fela fan, but i'm so curious about the show. Please oh, they should stick to the foreign cast


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