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This in my opinion is the most famous illustration of lagos and i thought it was perfect for our opening image and header. It just says so much about the city- contemporary, fast-paced, beautiful, a huster’s utopia.

Some people may look at this photograph and think “chaos” but I look at it and appreciate the beauty of the city. This illustration represents a lively, multi-faceted and tireless people also known as Lagosians.

P.S: I thought the photo will be incomplete without a random POPO lingering around somewhere. Can u spot the popo?? *rolling eyes*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


FSL is proud to present the launch of the ALALI Boutique blog. is the blog I've been cheating on FSL with hence my prolonged absence.

ALALI Boutique is a new clothing line which I've been working on. Unlike my previous pieces from my "piece a week" posts, the items are mostly plain regular fabrics like jersey, chiffon, etc. I intend to include a few prints (i.e ankara) but no restrictions this time.

Birthed to meet the need for chic, ready-to-wear, quality clothing without the outrageous price tags, ALALI is an embodiment of urban femininity.

ALALI pieces are creatively crafted to encompass different kinds of looks/occasions - from hanging out with the girls to barbecues to weekend night outs and a host of others – all with an emphasis on effortless charm.

While we still seek for that one word that summarizes ALALI, if it yet exists, some of the words that quite aptly describe an ALALI piece include graceful, slinky, sultry and svelte!

On the blog expect to see daily updates on ALALI pieces as I will posting them up as they are being created. I hope you like the clothes and I hope this initiative resolves the need to wait for your next holiday to buy pretty quality clothes.

Visit and follow Alali on

Hope you like. Let me know...


  1. Really? That's great! I think i've come across the name, but not sure where. Will check out the blog :D


  2. I was expecting you to show image of different designs u have made and their price details too. THanks for the info anyway. But try put it cos one might also have interest when seen

  3. Do you also have this design made available for guys?? pls I want to see image