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This in my opinion is the most famous illustration of lagos and i thought it was perfect for our opening image and header. It just says so much about the city- contemporary, fast-paced, beautiful, a huster’s utopia.

Some people may look at this photograph and think “chaos” but I look at it and appreciate the beauty of the city. This illustration represents a lively, multi-faceted and tireless people also known as Lagosians.

P.S: I thought the photo will be incomplete without a random POPO lingering around somewhere. Can u spot the popo?? *rolling eyes*

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bez - More You | Official Video |

Its finally out- Bez's debut video!

I'm sorry about the belated post (released on 12th of Aug, 2010 teehee) but I've JUST finished my exams today and I couldn't dare be on here in the midst of that NLS madness.

Some of you may know him as Emmanuel, some as "Bez from Hennessy Artistry", some as "Bez from Maga no need pay" and some... may never even have heard of him.

But I bring good news- His name is BEZ (Bezhiwa Emmanuel Idakula) and he is Nigeria's freshest sound at the moment (he has been for the last 9 months really but no one knows...).

Check out his debut video for his single, 'More You' by Kemi Adetiba who offers a twist to the meaning of the song with her creativity and talent. Oh and notice the part of the video where the stunning dulled up belle in the bathtub gives the lipstick a violent brush off; as if to say "actually eff off! I don't need you. My Bez is gone" *J'adore*

As for the song itself, its one of those songs that take u deep into the realm of the artists imagination. The intensity is beyond me- the first time I heard the song, the hair on the back of my neck wouldn't go down for the rest of the day. I've been begging since then for a copy of the song (so I could share with you) but Bez has rightly refused to leak. I dare you not to love it people... but then again, each to their own.

For me, it has been a long wait but it was definitely worth every second of it. I honestly hope this song/video gets interntional repute. Well done Bezzers!

What do honestly think of the video. Let us know.

P.S: The entire video was shot in LAGOS, just saying...

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